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The world’s biggest areolas


I’d give anything to motorboat Tiana’s tits and lick her enormous areolas. Those things most be close to 6 inches wide… amazing.

Tiana Tiana Tiana Tiana

Tiana Tiana Tiana Tiana

Tiana Tiana Tiana Tiana

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15 Comments to “The world’s biggest areolas”

  1. She is so beautiful! I love those titties!


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  2. Holy shit!!!! sooo delicious!!!

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  3. Her areolas are as large as my cock lol

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  4. I’d love to compare those areolas with mine… Rub ‘em against mine, lick ‘em…

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  5. would luv 2 rub my cock all over those tits

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  6. avatar LisaSuzanneTS says:

    yumm. i do love large areolas—
    just makes your Girls all that more beautiful.
    i do think Lorna’s are much better..

    Kisses– your seattle shemale.. xoxo

    Sophie’s look pretty good too!

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  7. avatar Person lol says:

    I just jizzed in ma pants

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  8. avatar gocowboys9 says:

    big natural tits with huge areolas on a cute thin girl — it don’t get no better than that, gentlemen

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  9. avatar Kingcreole says:

    take my “toy” instead of a rubberdildo

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