Why do some galleries look weird?

We just updated to a new design and all galleries made prior to the update look odd. Until we update all galleries to the new format (a lot of man hours), they will look weird.

Can I send pics of my boobs?

Sure, we love new boobs! I you have big natural tits, we want to see them!
Head over to our boob upload page to send us your boobie pictures.

Do I need an account to store my favorite posts?

No, if you do not have an account with us, your favorite posts are saved to your browsers cookies. This isn’t the best solution however. If you clear your cookies, your favorite posts will also be deleted. To avoid losing your favorites, we suggest you create a free account.

Why is my comment awaiting moderation?

Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong and we will approve your comment shortly. We have to moderate all comments posted on our site to prevent spam. Thanks for understanding.

My comment has dissapeared! What happened?

Your comment is either awaiting moderation or it has been deemed inappropriate.

Can I post personal info about a model in the comments?

No. You comment will simply be deleted.

Can you send me a model's email or contact?

No. In most cases, we don’t even have contact info for the models. If you wish to contact a model directly, we suggest you join her personal site (if she has one AND allows member to contact her).

Do models read our comments?

Sometimes. So be on your best behavior!

I enjoy your site, how can I help?

The best way to help is to be active on the site (post comments, visit our friends sites) and tell your boob-loving friends about Busty Girls Blog. If you wish to help us financially (we need money to run this site), you can join one of our sponsor’s sites or even contact us if you wish to send us money. Every little bit helps!
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