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Tiana’s enormous pink areolas

20 years old Tiana’s areolas are almost as big as her face. I would gladly jumpin and suck on those babies. I’m guessing those enormous areolas are at least 5 inches wide. What do you guys and gals think?

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13 Comments to “Tiana’s enormous pink areolas”

    this tits are really unbeliveble!
    I love giant aureolas!!!

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  2. Her nipples kinda look like mine ;)

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    • Your areoles are nicer. If that’s them in your pic.

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      • I already said it in another post. They are not mine… but mine are similar, so I decided to use the pic as my avatar.

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        • avatar Anonymous says:

          Oh my god can u show me more my name is chris please please I never find big areolas I love them!
          EDIT: personal info removed

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        • Hey Sophie, how about uploading some pics of yours to this blogs and let us enjoy what you’re talking about? You don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to, but we sure would love to see a nice pair of areolas like Tiana’s…
          What ya reckon?

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          • To talk about my tits is one thing, to post them is another. I don’t want my tits all over the internet. Sorry guys :)

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      U have great nips

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  3. avatar LisaSuzanne says:

    MMM, just love those incredible areolas–
    now i am so envious– wish i had those tits-
    Tiana is so hot and sexy.

    your shemale admirer.. Lisa xoxo

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  4. eu adorava mamar nessas tetas gostosas

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  5. I wish I kum on ur lovly tits and lik around arreola n rub da tip of my dik on ur nipples

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  6. avatar I'm a weakling too says:

    I admit it, although i’m very dominant in general life and in the bedroom, ……………..at the same time, deep down inside, I melt when I see big aureoles & big breasts …. God help meeeeeee, lol.

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  7. Hola Sophie me encantan las areolas grandes mandame las fotos que aparece en este avatar con esas areolas hermosas

    Hi Sophie I love large areolas send me the photos that appear in this avatar with those beautiful areolas

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