Mattress Brand IKEA: Pros And Cons Of IKEA Mattresses

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Although they might be best known for their affordable home furnishing products, IKEA offer a wide range of mattresses, too. They claim each single model in their line of mattresses is equally comfy, only differing in the way they are comfy. So, according to them, it is important you try before you buy and make sure you get the mattress that fits your desires best. They give you the opportunity to try their mattresses for 90 days. You have the option to either keep the mattress or return it and try another one. Following this site you can minimize the risk of buying a product you do not want.

Still, there has to be at least one mattress that you like, because you will not be able to keep trying and returning mattresses, only to find out you do not appreciate any of their options. So before you go out and try their mattresses, make sure you have read this list of pros and cons of their mattresses by type, including foam, innerspring and latex mattresses. The two most popular models are included for each type, to make your search for the best mattress easier.

Foam mattresses


  • + Affordable price
  • + Easy to lift
  • + Good motion isolation


  • – Not very suitable for large persons
  • – Very firm
  • – Poor side-sleeping support

IKEA’s foam mattresses tend to be very firm, causing complaints from people who are used to sleeping on their side. These people usually prefer softer mattresses. If you are over 240 pounds, you might want to look for another model, as well, as these mattresses do not have the right height to properly support larger people. Aside from that, IKEA foam mattresses come at very affordable prices and offer good motion isolation, meaning you will not notice your partner's movements during sleep.

Most popular models: Myrbacka, Morgedal

Innerspring Mattresses


  • + Affordable price
  • + Easy to move on
  • + No sleeping heat


  • – Not suitable for adult use
  • – Poor durability
  • – Very firm

As for the firmness, you might want to be on your watch when looking for IKEA mattresses, as their models range from medium-firm to firm. Buyers looking for soft mattresses will very likely be disappointed. Additionally, their spring mattresses do wear significantly over time and customers report sagging and development of body impressions. The advantage of IKEA spring mattresses is that they are generally easy to move on, as they do not sink in or contour to the body, due to their firmness.

Popular models: Heggedal, Holmsta

Latex Mattresses


  • + Good for adult use
  • + Affordable price
  • + Good back support


  • – Firmness
  • – Average durability
  • – Moderate motion isolation

IKEA's latex models prove to be their best mattresses. They come at the same affordable prices as the spring and foam models, while achieving better overall satisfaction among buyers. Unlike the other mattresses, the latex models are very suitable for adult use and offer proper support, causing less pain in the back. A minor flaw is the durability, which is not great, but still better than the spring or foam mattresses.

Popular models: Matrand, Morgongova


IKEA offer good mattresses at an affordable price. Compared to other companies in the same price range, they perform on par or better. That being said, issues like a short lifespan and relatively high firmness do affect their general usability. A latex mattress seems to be the best choice, as these offer the best overall satisfaction. Although they are a little more expensive, they offer better durability and comfort. Should you go for an IKEA mattress, keep this list in mind when making your choice and you will be sure to buy the right mattress that fits your needs.

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